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09 Mar

Fingertip Faith

When the trials of this world buffet
And despair is close at hand
When betrayal, lies and fear
Clothe my every move, my every waking thought,
I will cry to you, O my God.

When the wind is strong and the waves roar beneath me,
I will cling to the rock that is higher than I.
When darkness surrounds and emptiness overwhelms,
By my fingertips I will cling.

For I know that you are good,
And your love endures forever.
I know your hand guides me,
your grace sustains me,
Your faithfulness is never ending.

Teach me again of your love, O Lord
Show me once more how it changes and calms,
Ends striving and gives freely,
How it gently heals and renews, comforts and adores.

These fingertips of faith remind me of your promises,
They teach me your truth
Whisper hope in the darkness
And hold on when all else seems lost.

When doubts shout louder than hope in my mind
I will trust in you, O my saviour.
When you ask me to trust in your power alone,
And control chokes the yes in my throat,
I will throw myself once again onto your grace.

For I know you have mercy that reaches
Deeper even than my failings,
Grace never ending, peace that surpasses all.
I know your loving guidance in the midst of the battle
That your victory is mine through the blood of the Lamb.

But Lord, I am scared, I am weak and I am poor,
I have nothing but these fingertips of faith.
Father would you teach me, Jesus would you guide me, Spirit would you comfort me,
Give me faith in the day, and perseverance in the night.
Give me strength to forgive, love to sustain, patience to endure.

Father I am nothing without this rock to which I cling
Without you I am empty, lost and broken.
Apart from you my words are meaningless,
And all my hope is in vain.

But I know that you are with me
I trust in your promises, and I know your word to be true
Equip me for battle, give me faith where I am lacking
Teach me to trust you,
Give me joy, give me peace.

How much longer until these fingertips grow stronger?
When will I learn to grasp your truth and your peace?
Lord, I am lacking, scared and unsure,
My heart grows fainter and my grip gets weaker,
So I ask you to strengthen these fingertips of faith.



'From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.' - Psalm 61:2


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