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12 Mar

Musings of a Clergy Child: THE BOOK

I have exciting news.

This summer, I will be compiling and writing a book, coming to a reasonable priced Christian book-store near you sometime in June 2017. Based around this blog, it will be published by the Bible Reading Fellowship and entitled Musings of a Clergy Child. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, and I'm greatly looking forward to putting it all together once my degree is done and dusted.

"But what will this book actually be about?!" I hear you cry. What an excellent question! I'm so glad you asked.

In short, it will be aimed at the many teenagers and young adults I've met/grown up around/heard the stories of who feel that as they 'grew up in a Christian home' they have nothing to offer the church or their peers in terms of testimony, experience or understanding of God. The book will aim to challenge that from the perspective of growing up in the pinnacle of a Christian home - as the daughter of two vicars.

Using both current blog posts and new pieces of writing, the book will be split into three sections: Tips, Letters and Musings. It will chart amusing stories from disastrous bring-and-share lunches to people randomly dismantling the house, providing stories and insights that anyone who has grown up in the church can relate to.  It will follow a deep wrestling and questioning of faith, covering mental illness, loss of close friends, moving house and suffering caused by other Christians, with a unique understanding and a gently pastoral tone. It will aim to combine genuine insight, deep thought and a sense of humour for those who feel like they have nothing to offer God, don’t matter or that they might have been forgotten by God in the calling and life of their parents and family.

This book is not just another Christian book for teenagers, but it comes from the rare perspective of a clergy child – someone who has grown up in an open home and seen and experienced the messiness of life first hand. From stories of having to deal with theft by someone who had been invited into your home to reflections on what it’s like to lose faith in the church, this will (hopefully!) be an honest, amusing and pastoral reflection on what it's like to grow up in a Christian home, and why your story matters.

As I said, all very exciting.

Thank you SO much for all your help, support and encouragement. Thanks also for actually reading my blog - it's always good to know I'm not just talking to myself (at least in this area of my life...!) I'm so excited to see where God takes all this - what an adventure!

Any questions/observations/suggestions/thoughts/feelings, do please just comment below, or drop me an email at 

UPDATE (16/06/17) - The book is now available for pre-order here

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